I go here to present me and my site.
I will take you in lands that my professional displacements did me a little visit and also that some souvenirs of ride in France. during some trips I didn't bring back any photos, what would not stop from narrating you that that I have be able seen.

I was born in 1959, I have two boys, divorced but not free. My profession of electromecanic permits me to do some abroad displacements. My displacement in 1997 in China was for me a big click, so much in my sentimental life that professional. The separation during 6 weeks has permitted, my ex and me, to make the point and to decide to divorce unanimously.
The abroad displacement requests at my ex employer staying without answer, the evolution always staying for after tomorrow and having met my present companion, I decided that it was time to change horizon. We had to leave for the Brittany (region of origin of my friend), but an opportunity present to me in order to integrate a great international group and I jumped over.
I moved the Picardie to north (Papounet picard became The Papounet) (traveler!!!!!). Since, 10 days in Slovenia in January 2002, 12 days in Iran in May 2002, 15 days in Turkey, 4 weeks on the heart of France, 3 weeks in the United Emirate Arab who stands out permits me to finally find a balanced rhythm.
My site was born following a bet with friends during a diner. Since my trip in China and practically at every meal, this trip came on the table. Having gotten Internet and finding all that I told " I would like to develop a site but on what ". " On your trip in China, you speak us at every time that it should not be difficult to put on-line ". I groped, read the docs of software, surfed on the web and my first version was born.
the realization of this site, my passion for everything that affects the informatics (software, network of enterprise, training,...) incited me to continue when my trip began again.
My mails being signed of my pseudo and the address of my site, my abroad travels led me to translate my site in English (Thank you Akazamatsuri for corrections that he could bring at my translations)